When You Need a Criminal Lawyer

When You Need a Criminal Lawyer

If you or someone you know has been charged with a serious offense, getting a good criminal defense lawyer is the first thing you need. Getting one that knows and understands the kind of defense you are going to be need will also be crucial.

They must be able to explain your rights to you or the person who needs the lawyer. There are many stages to the criminal process, depending on where you live, so making sure you have a lawyer who can explain all of these in a way the person who needs the lawyer can understand can make a huge difference. But how do you find one? Here are a few tips on how to find one that will work well for you.

Understanding Why You Need a Lawyer

The first step is to simply understand why you not only need a lawyer if the charges are substantial, but a criminal defense lawyer. There can be some very serious consequences to facing criminal charges as opposed to some type of simple misdemeanor. You could be facing jail time, end up with a criminal record and even lose your job because of this. Many types of jobs that require security clearance will not even consider hiring you if you have any kind of a criminal record, so it can hurt you far down the line. There are four things that a criminal defense lawyer can help you with from the start. These are:

  • Understanding the nature of the charges that are being filed
  • What your available defenses might be and what they mean
  • If you have any possibility of a plea bargain and what that would entail
  • What to expect in the event that the trial moves forward if you are convicted

The Right Kind of Lawyer

While you may have an uncle, who has passed the bar, or a friend who has helped you to bypass some traffic tickets in the past, this is a much more serious matter. This is why you want a lawyer who has experience in criminal law and knows the criminal courts as well. Most lawyers who have dealt with criminal cases have handled everything from drug charges to white collar crimes.

They should also know state and federal laws that will affect your case. A lawyer with this kind of background can be the key to making a deal that can either lesson the charges or eliminate jail time in exchange for extra probation. Most of all, they will help you to develop a sound defense when it comes time to stand trial.

Take Your Legal Choices Seriously

From what we are saying here, it is obvious that when it comes to being charged a serious criminal charge, it is very important to take the time to find the right lawyer. Making sure they have a background in criminal defense law, a record of helping first time defenders make plea bargains and most of all one that understands you and your needs.

Ask questions, learn about what this lawyer has done in the past for other clients and above all else, take the need to have a good criminal defense lawyer who will take you seriously. In the end, it may make the difference between spending time incarcerated or walking out a free person.

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