Miami Immigration Tips You Need to Know

Miami Immigration Tips You Need to Know

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There are five important immigration tips you need to know before you settle down to your new life in Miami. These tips can help you to avoid potential issues and ensure that you go about the formal steps required in the right way that will help you to settle in Miami on a permanent basis.

Reporting to a Processing Centre of the Miami International Airport

Sometimes you might be asked to attend an appointment at the processing centre or at the Deferred Inspection office which is found at the International Airport. These appointments are arranged so that you can discuss your immigration status before any criminal prosecutions are brought into play. You might be detained by the authorities depending on the criminal offences and this could even mean you have no immigration bond.  If you have an appointment like this arranged, you will need to have an attorney present as they will be able to ensure your human rights are protected and can give you useful advice and information.

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You Have a Master Calendar Hearing

If you have been told by the Immigration Court that you need to attend a Master Calendar Hearing you are allowed to have a lawyer present. You can choose the lawyer you want to represent you and they will be allowed to come with you and be an advocate for your rights. The Master Calendar Hearing is usually when a judge will inform you that you have been charged with violating the US immigration laws.

How to Conduct Yourself When You Meet Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers

You might be approached by an officer from the ICE. If this happens it is important to remain calm and composed. You should never show your anger, raise your voice or make threats. If you are asked to give any information always make sure that you give the truthful answers and try to be as helpful as you possibly can. If you are found to give false information, this could result in penalties against you and cause much more serious issues in the near future.

Getting a Driving Licence

You should not file an application for a driving license to use in Miami with the USCIS.  This is a strategy that is often used for short term purposes but it could lead to your deportation or removal proceedings. The deportation might be applied for if you are found that you aren’t eligible for the relief you have sought. Avoid such complications by not applying for your driving license until the time is right.

Get the Right Advice About Your Case

When you begin to file your applications with the United States Citizens and Immigration Services you must not use a notary public legal advice service. Using any unlicensed practice of law is illegal and therefore you must ensure you only seek advice from the immigration lawyer Miami. Always seek advice from your lawyer before you begin sending or filling in any of the required documents. They have the knowledge and the skills to help you.

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