Harris County Bail Bonds – Sitting In Jail Will Certainly Not Improve Your Situation!

Harris County Bail Bonds – Sitting In Jail Will Certainly Not Improve Your Situation!

I have been born and brought up in Harris County and work as a cashier in a super market downtown. My live in partner also works at the same place. Before I met him, life was too boring and tiresome. After all, being a single mom and a young divorceedoesn’t make things any better.

Your Situation

After meeting my present partner, and moving in together with him, new hopes blossomed. I felt much better and relaxed. I was a happy person. But, just when I thought that things were settling down, one phone call sent chills down my spine.

My Partner was locked up!

I still remember that Sunday. I was waiting for my partner in the balcony when I received a phone call from him saying that he was booked for “possession” and will have to pay $10000 to get out of the jail. I was rattled. We,being part-timers, didn’t have much of a savings. And whatever little we had, was spent on renovating our new apartment.


Getting to Know the Bail Bonds

Not knowing what to do, I called in my childhood buddy who also happens to be my colleague. It was her who told me about an Harris county bail bond Company and how it helped her cousin to get of the jail the same day he got arrested,and that too with a minimal fuss. She also told me that I could pay their fees in easy instalments and all I needed was collateral to secure the bail bond.

I took their toll free number from my friend and called them immediately. My call was received by a bail bond expert who then went on to explain the bailout procedure. She was a lady. And to be frank, my conversation with her over the phone itself had a pretty calmingeffect on me. I relaxed a bit and started listening to her carefully.

Know the Bail Bonds

Bail Bond Fee and Procedure

As I learned from her, the bailout procedure isn’t that complicated at all. In fact, it is pretty simple and straightforward. The agent explained that the bail bond fee required to get my partner out of the jail does not reflect the entire bail amount. Only a part of the total bail amount (generally 10% to 15%) is needed initially to bail my partner out.

She also told me that there are various payment plans available that suit each individual’s needs. I understood that, depending on the bail amount, I could even put up my car, jewellery, property deed, etc., as collateral if I did not have sufficient funds to bail my partner out. I decided to pay $500 upfront through my credit card and asked the agent to secure the rest of the bail bond fee and bail amount through collateral security (property deed).

Bail Bond Fee and Procedure

Assuming the Responsibility

The bail bond agent was very frank with me, after hearing to my entire situation; she told me that if I were to co-sign the bail bond, I will have to assume the entire responsibility of my partner. He will have to attend all the court hearings, keep the bondsman informed of any changes in employment, address, phone number, etc. This way the bail bond will remain to be active. Forfeiting any of the above will lead to the cancellation of the bail bond and I will have to lose my collateral.

I knew that there was a bit of risk involved, but I will have to take it if I were to get him released. I was confident that he will be a different man when he comes out of the jail and after all, things were not going to get any better if he sits in jail without earning a single pie.

Assuming the Responsibility

Case Resolved

With the help of bail bond guys I finally got him out. He attended all the court hearings promptly and was in constant touch with the bondsman. The bail bond was intact until the case was resolved. The judge released the entire bail amount back to the Harris County bail bonds and we finished paying the remaining bail bond fee ($1000) in a couple of months.


We got back our property deed and things are back to normal now. After this incident, our relationship only got better and we now trust each other entirely. I can’t thank enough my friend who suggested the bail bond agency, and the agency itself, for helping me out when I was in the middle of nowhere. I also can’t thank enough the bail bond agent who worked on the case closely, and made sure that my partner gets released at the earliest.

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