6 Aspects to be considered before Selecting a Tax Relief Attorney

6 Aspects to be considered before Selecting a Tax Relief Attorney

Several individuals across the world are far behind in terms of their IRS tax payments. Most of them would have lost hopes that they will be able to repay their tax debt and earn back good IRS standing, but relief is available by making use of the services of a reputed tax relief firm.

They can help you in getting into a compromise agreement with IRS for settling tax debts for an amount lesser that what was actually owed. In this article, we aim at helping these individuals find a reliable tax relief company by listing out few aspects to be considered before making a decision.

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  • When choosing a tax relief firm to aid you with your IRS issues, the first tip to be followed is to research with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) so that you can get to know who you are dealing with and decide whether it is the best option for you. Taking a look at the BBB complaints will help you understand if the firm has received lots of negative feedback from earlier clients. Researching about the company with the BBB is a very crucial step that is not worth ignoring.
  • Next on the list is the performance of the company in relieving tax disputed. Find out if they have successfully represented a good number of clients. Also, check the total amount settled against the total amount of penalties, back taxes, and fines evaluated.

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  • Don’t get carried away by the promises of a bogus tax relief firm that assures a solution without actually assessing your financial status. In fact, no reputed company can assure positive results in the case of tax reliefs until and unless they assess your condition. In order to resolve an IRS tax issue, you need to submit financial and personal details to your tax accountant. He will also collect details pertaining to your tax details from IRS. Only after going through the meticulous process of assessing these details will the firm be able to decide the right settlement amount for your tax debts.
  • Check if the firm has a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist (CTRS) certification provided by the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers (ASTPS). A CTRS is uniquely certified to solve all kinds of IRS issues successfully, right from modifying or removing IRS to negotiating IRS payment plans and tax settlements.
  • Beware of companies that charge fee upfront and promise positive results, which they know are unpredictable. Stay away from tax relief firms that commit to a very huge amount of money even before starting an investigation into your IRS details. Such firms are more focused on minting money than actually helping their clients.
  • Find out the number of years of experience the client has had in the industry. A well-established tax relief firm should possess at least five years of professional experience.

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Taking these aspects into consideration can guide you in getting the right tax relief help for your IRS issues.

Author Bio: Thomas Mitchell is a tax accountant working for a reputed accounts firm. He is interested in writing articles and educating individuals about various accounts related topics in which he has expertise.

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